JCT Design and Build 2011
Client Agent
Futures for Somerset
32 Weeks
DKA Architects
Crispin School, Street -New Science Building

This project consisted of the refurbishment and alteration works to the ground and first floors of an existing ROSLA Block coupled with a four laboratory classroom extension to the east side of the same.

Included in the works were all associated services and external works including new external services supplies from elsewhere on the school campus.

To meet the client’s budget a collaborative value engineering exercise took place and by introducing a phased handover the hire period of the temporary classrooms was reduced considerably along with savings from alternative specification suggestions and buildability improvements.

Where possible the works were planned to make use of the school holiday periods so as not to disrupt the school terms any more than necessary including installation of four temporary classrooms, new service connections drainage diversions and temporary access roads.

Once the identified asbestos had been removed from the existing building and services made safe the refurbishment works commenced in tandem with the new extension.

At the stage of the first handover (the refurbished two storey block) the new build programme second fix works were underway along with external works to the east side, so problems with construction noise adjacent to ‘live’classrooms were reduced.

Final access and fire exit routes were affected with the early handover of the existing building so alternatives were agreed with the school to maintain safety of the staff and pupils.

The clients team were invited to inspect/comment/ discuss the works as they were being executed ensuring timely completion and handover of the works with zero snags.